About CFV

In times of deployment, they’re heroes. And then… Vets come home.

Veteran SalutesAfter living on the edge in combat, living civilian life can be mundane for some. No job is as appealing as serving your country. Few understand what they’ve been through.

Add to that the potential for little or no support, a disability, PTSD, or one of the many other challenges facing Vets, and it’s easy to see how more than 60,000 Veterans find themselves homeless each year. In fact, according to the Community Homelessness Assessment, Local Education and Networking Group for Veterans (17th Progress Report), permanent housing is the No. 1 unmet need identified by homeless Veterans.

Communities for Veterans (CFV) is on a mission to fill this need.

After all, while not all Vets face homelessness, those who do at any point in their lives should not have to stay homeless. So CFV focuses on what Vets need most at differing points in their lives: either developing meaningful, supportive and affordable housing communities on and proximate to VA medical center campuses across the country or providing amenity enriched and modern apartments and Assisted Living Facilities for seniors at affordable pricing.

Founded in light of Secretary of Veteran Affairs Eric Shinseki’s vision to end Veteran homelessness across America by 2015, Communities for Veterans is a collaborative partnership of 3 industry-leading providers of housing development, construction and social services. Collectively, CFV offers decades of comprehensive expertise in multifamily and needs-based real estate. This includes piecing together various funding sources and programs, including the BURR Initiative, federal tax credits and conventional lending all in an effort to accomplish big goals through public-private partnerships with the VA and various other state and federal government agencies.

From garden style apartments and townhomes, to independent senior living apartments, to full service Assisted Living with memory care, Communities for Veterans’ developments provide market rate quality housing at various price points while simultaneously delivering extreme value. Plus, with several fellow Veterans leading our efforts, CFV communities are truly designed to help make a positive difference in the lives of US veterans…

They meet the most pressing needs of Veterans, including affordability. They provide life enrichment, skills training and personal development services. And most importantly, they offer an opportunity to live life among those who understand. With this sense of community and camaraderie, Vets can finally feel at home – and welcome – once again.

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